The 8th Penghu Autumn Festival


Tourism Privileges
Passport Instructions


Tourism Privileges
Passport Instructions

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Event DurationJuly 14th, 2023 (Friday) – November 30th, 2023 (Thursday)
LocationPenghu County
UsageElectronic version (EDM) (Accessible on the official LINE@ account )
Merchant Categories


Series of Events Introduction


Series of Events Introduction

Reward Redemption for Minimum Purchase

Event DurationJuly 14th, 2023 (Friday) – November 30th, 2023 (Thursday)

Event DetailsParticipants can collect a stamp from designated merchants for any amount of purchase. Upon collecting three stamps from three different merchants and accumulating a total purchase of NT$2,000, you can exchange them for one Seasons Chill Picnic Folding Chair (random color, limited quantity, one chair per person) as a reward.

Redemption Locations

1. Penghu Airport Visitor Information Center
2. Nanhai Visitor Center
3. Penghu Visitor Information Center

Redemption HoursAt the above-mentioned tourist centers, redemption services are available from Monday to Sunday between 09:00 and 16:30. Redemption services will not be provided outside these hours. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Game Procedure

1. Participants can obtain one stamp for each transaction made at designated merchants, regardless of the purchase amount. Stamps can also be obtained on receipts or invoices with the merchant’s seal.
2. Make purchases at three different designated merchants, with a cumulative spending of NT$2,000.
3. After collecting three stamps, present the stamped card and corresponding receipts or invoices at the designated tourist centers during the redemption hours to exchange for one Seasons Chill Picnic Folding Chair.


※ Each person is limited to one chair redemption.
※ The stamped card must have three different merchant seals, along with three receipts or invoices from the different designated merchants for redemption.
※ Event details are subject to on-site announcements, and the organizers reserve the right to adjust or modify the event.

Invoice Registration for Grand Prize Draw

Event DurationJuly 14th, 2023 (Friday) – November 30th, 2023 (Thursday)

Invoice Registration PeriodJuly 14th, 2023 (Friday) – November 30th, 2023(Thursday) 23:59

Proof of Purchase

1. Invoices (Electronic invoices (both physical and non-physical))
2. Receipts (must be stamped by the store)

Draw MethodParticipants can register online by providing their basic information and uploading photos of the “Penghu Authorized Merchant” proof of purchase, including invoices (electronic invoices included) or stamped receipts. Each person can register for the draw an unlimited number of times (with a minimum qualifying purchase of NT$800 each time). Each invoice can only be registered once (no duplicate registrations).

Draw Rules:
During the event period, any purchase made at a “Penghu Authorized Merchant” as listed in the privilege passport, with a minimum purchase of NT$800 (single transaction, non-accumulative), qualifies for online registration and entry into the draw.(單筆計算,不可累計)。

Draw Process:Open the Penghu Tourism Office LINE@ menu,→click the link,→proceed with online registration→fill in the information→and upload photos of the proof of purchase.

Announcement Dates

First Draw: August 1st (Friday)
Second Draw: October 2nd (Monday)
Third Draw: December 5th (Tuesday)
※ The specific prizes for each draw will be determined and announced closer to the draw.

Prize Collection Method:

1. After the conclusion of the draw, the prizes will be sent out uniformly to the designated mailing address without further notification.
2. No requests or matters will be accepted after December 8th, 2023.
3. If the provided information is incomplete, false, or incorrect, or if there is any violation of the rules of this event, the organizer reserves the right to disqualify the participant from the draw. Participants shall be held liable for any damage caused to the organizer or any third party due to their participation, bearing all relevant legal responsibilities.


  1. On the day of purchase, participation in the invoice registration grand prize draw is also available for those who spend NT$800 or more on the “Penghu Tourism Circle e-ticket Pass – Electronic Tickets” issued by our office.
  2. Please provide clear photographs of the invoices and receipts as proof of purchase, ensuring that the store name, purchase date (including month and date), and amount spent are visible. In the case of exempt uniform invoices, they must bear the store seal to be considered eligible. Failure to meet the above criteria or submissions that are difficult to discern will result in the disqualification of the participant, as determined by the organizer.
  3. Participation in the draw is contingent upon meeting the requirements of proof of purchase.
  4. Please note that invoices for tobacco purchases are not eligible for the draw, as they may potentially violate regulations regarding tobacco control. We appreciate your understanding.
  5. The participant acknowledges that all data and records pertaining to their participation in the event, whether generated or stored by the participants themselves, shall be subject to the records and timestamps of the organizer’s computer system. In the event of any incidents arising from computer, network, telephone, technical, or other factors beyond the control of the organizer that may result in the erroneous transmission of event messages or prize notifications, or delays, losses, errors, unidentifiability, or damage to the data submitted or registered by participants, the organizer bears no legal responsibility, and participants and prize winners may not raise objections on these grounds.
  6. Only invoices from businesses listed as “Penghu Authorized Merchants” enable an entrant to be eligible for the draw; purchases and invoices from other merchants are not eligible for this promotion.
Live Draw at Penghu Music Festival

Event Dates Aug/19 (Saturday), Aug/26 (Saturday), Sept/02 (Saturday), Sept/09 (Friday), Sept/17 (Saturday), Sept/23 (Saturday), Sept/30 (Saturday) – Exclusive to Penghu Music Festival

Event Details:

Attendees of the Penghu Music Festival can visit the service counter to receive a chance to participate in the raffle and have the opportunity to win vouchers for participating merchants.
(1)5,000-dollar vouchers, 3,000-dollar vouchers, and 2,000-dollar vouchers will be drawn at each session, totaling 10,000 dollars in prizes.
(2)The draw will take place at the end of each day’s event, and if the winner is not present, it will be considered forfeited.

Usage of Vouchers:

(1)Participants can use the vouchers at the designated merchants or marketplace vendors at the Penghu Music Festival within the specified period. The vouchers are valid until October 15th, 2023.
(2)After the event concludes, participating merchants must submit the vouchers, receipts or invoices, and remittance information to the organizing authority for verification by October 20th, 2023. Damaged or lost vouchers that cannot be identified will not be eligible for redemption.

Contact Information: Penghu National Scenic Area Administration, Recreation Division, Ms. Su, 06-9216521 ext. 243.


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