Luminous Island Ceremony

DateAugust 19th, 2023 (Saturday) – October 01th, 2023 (Sunday)

LocationPenghu Guanyin Recreation Area


Introduction to Luminous Island Ceremony

Entrance Imagery – Luminous Island Ceremony

Listen to the echoes of the sea, past, present, and future.

Embody the ecological spirit of Penghu, intertwining the elements of “marine life,” “islands,” and the “ocean,” constructing and unveiling the realm of the “sea” and “islands,” while embarking on a thrilling and passionate journey.

Illuminated Corridor – Riding the Waves

A sensory experience, the interaction between the islands and the bay,

Penghu’s history dates back thousands of years, with ancient settlements and ruins scattered across the islands. From the initial days of primitive grass huts to later historical periods, the Penghu archipelago, amidst the vast ocean, has never been lonely. Renowned for its waters, Penghu boasts boundless azure seas and blue skies. This time, we incorporate the concept of water into the illuminated corridor, allowing people to step into the corridor as if walking along the waterways of Penghu. Together, we ride the waves, gliding into the most captivating Penghu Music Festival.

Residual Echoes of the Waves

Unveiling a romantic melody, hum along with the tunes,

continue to ride the waves as they transform into joyous song. We compose captivating melodies of the most romantic tunes within the islands to showcase to all visitors.

The Allure of Penghu

Radiating different hues with the music.

As night falls, neon lights dance in a kaleidoscope of colors, signaling the beginning of a party night. The sea breeze gently brushes against us, swaying our bodies to each and every captivating song. This is the enchanting Penghu in autumn—sun-kissed beaches, bikinis by day; gentle breezes, beautiful lights, and melodious music by night. Combining elements of vibrancy and celebration, in harmony with the Penghu Music Festival , we create stunning illuminated displays.

Seascape Fantasia

Synchronize your rhythm with the musical cadence.

Enriched by the bountiful marine ecology and the livelihoods sustained by the fishing industry, every fish, every species is a guardian of this island. This time, they emerge from the depths of the sea and transform into a dreamlike archipelago to continue sheltering everyone, casting the enchantment of technology. With the harmonious interplay of music and lights, let us together safeguard this maritime domain and immerse ourselves in a diverse atmosphere of joy.

Marine Enchantress

Flowing radiance and blessings from the depths of the sea.

In the fantastical underwater world of Penghu, the mythical Peng spreads its wings, soaring freely through the boundless ocean and the azure skies. Since the Qing Dynasty, legends have circulated about the sea creature Peng, whose existence symbolizes boundless power and immense wisdom. Whether faced with treacherous currents or towering waves, it extends its benevolent wings like a nurturing mother, embracing the raging sea while safeguarding the island’s inhabitants, coexisting harmoniously with the beautiful ocean.

Swaying Spirits

Dancing in the breeze, bestowed with blessings from the wind.

As the gentle autumn breeze sweeps across Penghu, it brings forth a group of ethereal spirits. Swaying and dancing with the wind, they carry the blessings of the season. Perhaps these little spirits are all around us when the wind blows, singing and reveling together, dancing in harmony with the wind.

Mountain Spirits

Imbued with phytoncides, blessings from the mountains.

Snake Head Hill may not be the tallest peak in Penghu, or even among Taiwan’s small hundred peaks, but it boasts unparalleled features such as vast vistas, stunning seascapes, and abundant historical relics. During the autumn festivities in Penghu, mountain sprites are drawn to this place, bearing the blessings of the mountains. They eagerly await the opportunity for people to explore the beauty of Snake Head Hill, one of Penghu’s small hundred peaks.

Strolling the Celestial Seas

Embraced by the starry sky, take a leisurely walk along the 70-meter romantic starlit pathway.

Marine creatures gracefully swim in the depths of the ocean, bathed in the moonlight that casts shimmering reflections upon them. The elements of the ocean and the cosmic starry sky, like a warm embrace encompassing the entire island of Penghu, shimmer and shine in the night sky. Just as the Autumn pilgrimage to the Penghu Music Festival , the luminous sea corridor captivates with its celestial display.

The Radiant Dance of the Sea

Showcasing the trendiest celebration of the Music Festival.

Another captivating highlight of the park, the Rainbow Bridge utilizes colorful lighting to create a visual spectacle. The water surface employs reflections and visual remnants, gracefully arcing through the sky, becoming the most beautiful parabola. Combined with the sculptural illuminations of the Penghu Music Festival , it showcases the brand image and amplifies the festival’s impact.

Treasure-Seeking Journey

An expedition into hidden realms, seeking precious treasures and envisioning the future.

A charming explorer turtle emerges on the grass, holding a telescope pointing ahead, guiding everyone in the direction of the treasure. It leads us on an exploration of the maritime treasures of Penghu. In the company of the adventurous turtle, as the autumn breeze and nightfall arrive, an array of treasures awaits. Which one do you desire? Hurry and follow in the footsteps of the explorer turtle; let’s embark on a treasure hunt together!

Mobile Art Installation – An Enigmatic Voyage

A mobile carnival train, journeying through the illuminated area.

Inspired by the Brazilian carnival floats, this is a collection of visually stunning displays. Accompanied by adorable floats, we stroll leisurely along the coastal promenade, feeling the gentle sea breeze caress our faces. Through these works and imagery, we are transported to the most vibrant realm, experiencing the splendid summer ambiance of Penghu.

Light Corridor-Dancing with Sea Radiance

Beneath the graceful moonlight, dandelions sing their melody. In the gradually dimming bay, the moonlight intensifies, transforming Penghu into the most resplendent star within the bay. It outlines the most romantic maritime charm as fish leap out of the water, shadows against the moonlight. Step into the ethereal dance of sea radiance, and embrace the autumn night of Penghu during the Mid-Autumn Festival.